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H.C. Altes is a speaker, author, and lecturer for the skip-tracing/recovery industry since the 1950's.  He is a former investigator for the State Attorney; 5th Congressional Crime Commission, Attorney General and Governor in Florida.  Former president Falcon International, member of the American College of Forensic Examiners, chairman of the board of the Time Adjusters Conference and the National Association of Fraud Investigators.  Altes' segment demonstrates the importance of profiling and networking and how to develop those most important factors.  
Ron L. Brown is one of the country's most recognized speakers and authors on skip tracing and collections.  President of the Santa Fe Credit Union board of Directors, Oklahoma State Licensed Private Investigator.  He is the director of Time Finance Adjuster's Executive Board, a director of the National Association of Fraud Investigators, and an instructor at Oklahoma City Community College; teaching on the subjects of tracing, collections and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.  Winner of the International Fellowship of Certified Collectors Award.  A gifted national speaker, Brown acts as master of ceremony and for conference and conventions, offering insight, humor and information in a way that you won't soon forget. 
Millard Land seen on "America's Most Wanted" and the "NBC Evening News" by breaking the famous "Smith vs Smith" child theft case after eight years and pursuit through eight foreign countries.  In 1991, Land gained renown in the recovery industry for locating and recovering, in only 36 days, a stagecoach stolen in 1873 from the Butterfield Overland Mail Company.  He is a member of Time Finance Adjusters and a director of the National Association of Fraud Investigators.  Land is a sought-after conference and seminar speaker who brings three decades of experience and Texas wisdom into presentations that are both extremely informative and highly entertaining! 
Rob Winther is the newest member of the Manhunt Team.  Seen on CBS "48 Hours", Winther, from Denver, is president of CUSA, member of the Time Finance Adjusters Executive Board and the National Association of Fraud Investigators.  One of the most highly regarded tracers in the West.  He demonstrates new sources, a flowchart and other "tools" for the hunt that guarantee results, as well as dozens of little known or used sources.

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